Tips for Painting Cabin Doors

log cabin door

You always want to give a long lasting finish to the doors at your cabin so that they look new and appealing.

So if you are thinking to spruce up your faded doors with fresh coats of paint then it is necessary that you have the right tools, equipments and the technique along with quality primer and paint!

This post is to guide you about some of the tips to paint your doors so that you are successful in providing a refreshing look to your cabin!

Check for the Weather:

Choosing a day that is not too hot and not too cold and free of rain is actually best for painting. The cold weather will not allow the door to dry soon and hot and humid day can cause paint to blister.

Hence, before you invest so much time and effort in painting the doors you should ensure that your efforts would be fruitful.

Be Patient:

You might think that it will not take much time and must be a quick job to do! But unfortunately it is not especially when you want to give that ultimate look to your door!

It needs patience so you need to step aside your watch and enjoy painting it. It might take a day or even more than that because you have to paint both sides and you can paint another side only after first one is dried.

Also dismantling of knobs and locks and then installing them back needs your time.

Do Some Research;

You can definitely do it yourself but investing some time in researching would benefit you by giving a better idea of the technique, paint strippers and primers involved?

Painting a wooden door is not same as painting a metal door and hence you need to have insight on how to do it! On similar grounds there is difference between painting the door and re-painting it because the latter may involve the peeling as well. Hence some homework research proves to be fruitful!

No Shortcuts:

When it comes to painting of door, you should not apply any shortcuts as you might be handling them smartly but they will eventually don’t turn out to be the same.

The surface of the door should be smooth and for that you can’t just get away from the extra effort you have to put in. So if you are thinking to go ahead without sanding and without taking your door off the hinges, then those shortcuts are not going to work.

Clean Before Prime

The surface of the door should be smooth before you apply any coat of primer on it as otherwise it will not have that smooth and finished look after you finish your job.

So the first and important step is to ensure that you scrub the door with an all-purpose household cleaner as even the best paint won’t stick to oil and dirt.

After you finish the painting, let it dry and look for any minor flaws if any in the patching job in the bright light. We may have to feather these!