Is Carpet in a Cabin a Good Idea?

cabin carpet

The most obvious choice for flooring in a cabin is hardwood considering traditional cabins are almost entirely made from wood. The odds are a wood flooring is already in place. Therefore, there is probably no need for carpet in a cabin but that doesn’t mean there would be no benefit to installing carpet in a cabin.

This post will explain how carpet in a cabin is a good idea depending on your style preferences and whether or not you intend to winterize the cabin for year-round use.


(1) Insulation

Insulation is the primary reason to carpet your cabin, in our opinion. Often times cabins do not have excellent insulation in their walls and in their roof. This means the interior of the cabin can get cold during cool evenings or during the winter months. If you intend to use your cabin during colder times of the year, one creative way to help keep the cabin warm would be to install carpet on the floor.

You will soon find that the carpet helps to insulate the living room and bedrooms of the cabin and is much cheaper than running the heat on high or running a space heater.

(2) Color

The interior of a cabin can be drab without a little color. Most of the time the walls and the floor are the exact same color of wood and it can become overwhelming if every corner of the cabin is the exact same color. The opportunity to install carpet provides a chance to incorporate a little color into the design of the cabin, perhaps a light or neutral tone if the cabin is dark wood or a dark color if the cabin is light wood.

(3) Care

You will find that carpet in a cabin is very easy to care for, however, we do recommend you create an area near the doorway or entryway of the cabin for shoes and boots so excessive amounts of dirt and soil from the outdoors around the cabin are not brought into the cabin and onto the floor. If this is accomplished, the carpet should only need to be vacuumed 1-2 times during a week. You should also schedule carpet cleaning perhaps one time every couple of years, depending on how often the cabin is in use. You can learn more here:

If your cabin is for vacation purposes, the carpet should last around 10-15+ years which is longer than carpet lasts in a standard home but your cabin should not receive as much use or wear and tear as your home. This is a cheap, long-term investment to help warm the inside of the cabin and add a little style to its layout.